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Description: The industry’s only director-cinematographer-screenwriter-producer-actor-editor, Steven Soderbergh is contemporary Hollywood’s most innovative and prolific filmmaker. A Palme d’or and Academy Award-winner, Soderbergh has directed nearly thirty films, including political provocations, digital experiments, esoteric documentaries, global blockbusters, and a series of atypical genre films. This volume considers its slippery subject from several perspectives, analyzing Soderbergh as an expressive auteur of art cinema and genre fare, as a politically-motivated guerrilla filmmaker, and as a Hollywood insider. Combining a detective’s approach to investigating the truth with a criminal’s alternative value system, Soderbergh’s films tackle social justice in a corporate world, embodying dozens of cinematic trends and forms advanced in the past twenty-five years. His career demonstrates the richness of contemporary American cinema, and this study gives his complex oeuvre the in-depth analysis it deserves.

Table of Contents

Preface – Thomas Schatz


Part 1 – Author, Brand, Guerrilla

  1. The Dialectical Signature: Soderbergh as Classical Auteur
    1. Man with a Digital Movie Camera: Soderberghian Cinematography
    2. Ripping it Apart: Soderberghian Editing and Narrative Structure
    3. Performing Reality: Soderberghian Performance
    4. Cinema of Economy: A Steven Soderbergh Production
  2.  Impresario of Indiewood: Soderbergh as Sellebrity Auteur
    1. The Economics of Auteurism: Blockbusters, Indiewood, Conglomerate Hollywood
    2. Directing (the) Stars: Celebrity and Authorship
    3. Sellebrity Synthesis: Soderbergh and Section Eight
  3. Corporate Revolutionary: Soderbergh as Guerrilla Auteur
    1. Guerrilla Cinema in Hollywood’s Mist
    2. Fail Better: An Imperfect Cinema
    3. Soderbergh: Towards A Minor Cinema

Part 2 – History, Memory, Text

  1. Searching Low and High: The Limey and the Schizophrenic Detective
    1. Watching the Detectives
    2. Temporal Schizophrenia
    3. Wrestling with Nostalgia
  2. Returning to the Scene of the Crime: Solaris and the Psychoanalytic Detective
    1. Temporal and Psychological Trauma
    2. Anxiety of Influence: Nostalgia, Trauma and Belatedness
    3. Revisiting the Trauma of 9-11
  3. The (Bl)end of History: The Good German and the Intertextual Detective
    1. A Cinema of Cinema: Steven Soderbergh, Intertextual Auteur
    2. Intertextual Past and Presence in The Good German
    3. Beyond Pastiche: Broken Mirrors and Montage History

Part 3 – Crime, Capital, Globalization

  1. Genre and Capital: New Crime Wave in the 1990s
    1. From Indie Innocence to Crime Wave
    2. Soderbergh’s Anti-Crime Spree
    3. Out of Sight in Deep Focus
  2. The Ethical Heist: Competing Modes of Capital in the Ocean’s Trilogy
    1. Ocean’s Eleven: An Allegory of Capital
    2. Solidarity and Love, Entertainment and Utopia
    3. Soderberghian Ethics Revisited: Ocean’s Twelve, Thirteen and Beyond
  3. Trafficking Social Change: The Global Social Problem Film in the 2000s
    1. The Evolution and Globalization of the Social Problem Film
    2. Keeping it Real: The Documentary/Docudrama Impulse
    3. Everything is Connected: Networked Narratives, Productions, and Problems